Financial Word of the Week: Jumbo Mortgage

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What is a jumbo mortgage? A loan for a big house? Jumbo mortgage refers to a mortgage for more than a certain dollar amount. The limit is currently $417,000 for most areas, with a higher limit in certain high-cost regions. Mortgages of less than $417,000 may be called conventional mortgages. Many federal homeownership programs do not apply to jumbo loans. Lenders often charge higher rates for jumbo mortgages or have more restrictions on the loan, even for the same borrower. If I’m looking at a house that’s $420,000, does this apply to me? Maybe. A number of factors affect the total amount financed. Your down payment, the loan terms and where you’re buying will all influence the size of the loan. These potentially complex issues present another reason why it’s so important to work with an experienced mortgage officer. When you get pre-approved, your mortgage officer will help you understand your situation and how much you can afford. Your mortgage will be as unique as your home, so make sure you get the individual attention you deserve. luxury house

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