Q&A with Ron Vanek (President, Marquette Business Credit)

Get to know UMB’s leadership a little better.
Ron VanekTell us about yourself!
I am the president of Marquette Business Credit, a subsidiary of UMB Bank. I manage the nationwide asset-based lending (ABL) division for UMB out of our headquarter office in Dallas. I have been with Marquette since 2012 and have more than 35 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Marquette was acquired by UMB a year ago, and we seem to have the same common core values at the heart of both companies, making us a good fit for each other.  The transition has had its learning curve for everyone involved. However, this is a great move for us, and we are happy to be a part of the UMB team.

I was born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago. I went to Governors State University and then received my MBA from DePaul University. I jumped right into both finance and management with my first job as an accounting manager for a financial company. While in Illinois, I was also a practicing CPA.

I have been a happily married for 37 years to my lovely wife Linda with whom I have two boys and a girl. Last year was especially joyous for us as we welcomed our very first grandchild to the family, a beautiful, healthy baby girl, and now we have our second—a beautiful baby boy! We moved from Valencia, Calif. to Frisco, a suburb just north of Dallas, when I took the job at Marquette.
Baby Nolan Baby Sophia

What about your past shaped who you are today?
Looking back, I feel that sports made the biggest impact on me growing up. In high school I played football, baseball and was part of the wrestling team. The competitive nature of sports brought out my natural desire to win. I now find myself constantly feeding that competitive inclination to better myself and the company, whether it’s winning a new deal or beating our budget numbers to come out on top.

What do you do to relax?
I love to golf. Anything golf is an absolute winner. Charity events, family fun, favorite way to spend my weekends… you name it, it’s got golf written all over it.

My favorite place to travel is the desert of California. I’m a huge fan of Palm Desert California where the dry hot air is perfect for…. golf!

What are your favorite ways to give back in the community?
In addition to the charity golf events, both my family and I are involved with the Grace Avenue United Methodist Church where I’m a member of the finance and stewardship committees.

Marquette Business Credit
Enough about me though…..  Marquette Business Credit is the hottest thing to hit UMB as of late.

MBC has been around for 12 years and is headquartered in Dallas with additional offices in California, Chicago and Atlanta. We have nearly 50 employees in our offices nationwide working a portfolio of approximately 70 clients and $500 million in commitments. We are projecting to double that size throughout the next 3 to 5 years with UMB now behind us.

We offer traditional asset-based loans ranging from $2 to $25 million. Our customers, who are located throughout the country, typically fall into one of three categories:

1) The company has had some financial difficulties and is in the early stages of turnaround.

2) The company is in part of an acquisition of a private equity group.

3) The company is seeing rapid growth with revenues growing faster than its balance sheet.

We focus on the smaller end of the middle market where we seem to thrive and where there is less competition from the larger banks.  Our strongest attribute is that we offer the sophisticated financial structure typically found with the bigger transactions to these smaller-sized deals all while providing a personalized and often customized touch to our transactions and relationships.

The greatest challenge we face here at MBC is growing the portfolio in a slow growth economy. This is not just a challenge that is unique to us though. Across the market we are seeing the same trend for the industry. We are confident we have avenues planned out to manage our growth expectations despite the trend.


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