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How to find lifelong financial and physical health

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This last year of my life has been one of the hardest. While I lost a lot of weight and look a lot better, the true prize was the lessons that I learned. One big lesson: your health and finances are directly related. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss and would like to share some of the facts that I have learned!
ABC Extreme Weight Loss - Kelli Poles

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With more than two-thirds of Americans being overweight or obese, the United States depleted about $200 billion of medical spending on obesity related illnesses.  Let’s focus on how we can individually do our part to put a dent in those numbers.

“Isn’t a healthy lifestyle expensive?”

This is the belief that many people have. However if you compare the difference between healthy ways of living with the consequences of medical bills, it’s quite the opposite. Financial and health problems create a vicious cycle. Financial stress can result in skipping meals, poor food choices, missing check-ups or even emotional eating. These all lead to health problems, which then lead back to more financial issues. Another aspect of this cycle is your financial legacy. The morbid fact is that obesity leads to death, and in many cases this causes your family members to take on the financial burden.

Below are some tips that will work for a prosperous life in both the health and financial realm.

  • Organization is Key. Just as you have to organize your finances, such as managing debt, budgeting and managing assets, you need to organize your health with scheduled workouts, food preparation and calorie counting.
  • Communicate. Keeping an open line of communication is crucial. Discuss a budget with your spouse, family or even a financial advisor. This will assure that you are on a clear path and should help you answer any questions you have. With your health—find a support system, with the help of a trainer or health professional, online group or your friends and family. Your level of success will increase when you are held accountable.
  • Write it down. Have a to-do list. There are so many tools for creating a budget or organizing your bills. There are also some great apps for calorie counting and exercise tracking. Or do it the old-fashioned way, and write it on a piece of paper!
  • Have Fun! Take time to relax, and enjoy life. Be responsible about your life, career and physical well being. Protect your health and your wealth by finding a good balance between the two. Remember you are not perfect, and it’s okay to indulge every once in awhile. Just be sure it is in moderation, and use it as a reward!

Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 Episode 2

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