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Approaching the new normal

For more than a year, individuals and businesses have been operating differently due to the pandemic. With widespread vaccine availability and easing restrictions, there is a light at the end of the tunnel signaling that a “new normal” is in sight. But what exactly does that mean, particularly in terms of financing needs?

In order to look ahead, it’s important to look back. Some companies actually flourished during the pandemic, whether their products suddenly became more in demand or they pivoted to create products or services that were now more necessary. These companies needed capital to scale up their operations in order to meet demand. For them, we looked at extending credit lines, providing working capital loans and discussed other measures of support.

On the other hand, some businesses were hit hard by the pandemic and there was no way to pivot. These companies needed capital and other resources simply to stay afloat until the new normal arrived. Many were pinched by their own accounts receivable terms being changed – for example, a vendor who usually would pay within 60 days was now paying within 120 days. For these businesses, we were often able to flex the terms of our agreements as well and restructure to accommodate their temporary new normal.

In both situations, we have taken the same measured approach we always have – examining credit history and closely communicating to determine the best course of action.

As we look ahead, our focus is on maintaining our strategy. The primary reason we’ve been able to support clients on both ends of the borrowing need spectrum throughout the pandemic has been our disciplined approach and commitment to understanding each client’s individual situation. It’s how we’ve done business for the past 108 years and will continue as we enter our new normal.

For clients who have seen growth in their business, know that we’ll be here to partner as you manage your growth – and if you find yourself in a position of seeing shrinking demand as everyday realities change, we’ll be here to help manage that too.

For clients who have seen a downturn during the pandemic, we’ll still be on your side to help continue navigating uncharted territory. And if you see a “return to normal” and need to finance supply to meet the returning demand, we have a variety of options.

UMB Capital Finance is uniquely positioned to meet a company wherever it is in its lifecycle, whether it’s growing, pivoting or needing extra support due to temporary circumstances. The pandemic has proven this and our approach of being nimble, flexible and responsive will be all the more important for our clients and prospects as we enter our new normal. We look forward to staying connected and working together to navigate what’s

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