What are your main responsibilities at UMB?

As senior vice president of commercial banking, I work every day to make my clients’ lives better and to proactively help them achieve their financial goals. I love the Springfield community, and in order to best serve our customers and clients, I think it’s important to have a deep understanding of the local economy and the industries that are important to the area. This ensures that as a team, we are making decisions every day that help get our clients closer to their goals.

We work with clients across several lines of business, including manufacturing, distribution and commercial real estate. This means my day-to-day could entail anything from taking care of a client’s deposits to getting credit requests met in a timely fashion – all while making sure they are receiving the best customer experience possible.

Communication is key in building trusted partnerships. Part of my role is also looking for new relationships and business opportunities. I believe it’s critical to approach every new potential client the same way you would have if you had known that client for years. Our job is to listen to their needs and work to provide solutions. It takes time to build a solid foundation with a client. In the end, that skill set is what turns client relationships into trusted partnerships.

What impact would you like to have in the Springfield community? 

I really enjoy getting out in the community, interacting with neighbors and forming new relationships. I’m passionate about education, economic development and the revitalization of downtown Springfield. I try to make an impact every day through my community involvement and currently serve as a board member for the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools. This organization is recognized nationally for the work it has done within the Springfield public school system. I work to help manage approximately 150 funds and scholarships, which provide resources to students and the public schools within the city. I also contribute my time to fundraising projects, specifically the back-to-school campaign at the end of the summer.

In addition, I’m a board member and treasurer for Gloria Deo Academy, a private school that prepares students for secondary studies through classical Christian learning. As treasurer, I oversee the financial affairs of the school and help manage cash flow. And as a board member of the Springfield Finance & Development Corporation (SFDC), I help approve financing for city projects, small businesses or startups that are downtown, with the goal of continuing the revitalization of Springfield’s Center City. I’m proud to say that our group has helped with small business loans or equity for projects that otherwise would not happen. To date, SFDC has funded 40 loans, totaling $2 million and creating 250 jobs.

Who has had a big impact on your life?

My grandfather had a profound impact on my life. He was a business owner and my lifelong mentor. I try to take that instilled positivity and work ethic and translate it into everything I do. Like my grandfather, I believe in giving back to the community and want to act as a mentor for younger professionals who are just starting their careers. Having a mentor is so important and I try to help guide them through the ups and downs of the business. In the end, it makes the entire team stronger.

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