Having spent the better part of 20 years focused on commercial banking in Minnesota, Ehren McGeehan’s banking chops are now helping UMB Bank further expand its services to businesses in the area. His team, which includes Lien Sarles, managing director, commercial banking, expands beyond UMB’s already strong asset-based lending, factoring and trust businesses in Minnesota. Coupled with UMB’s recent addition of Mike Jorgensen as senior relationship manager, commercial real estate group, the bank is poised for growth throughout the Minnesota region.

Ehren and Lien discuss their plans for delivering financial solutions to local business owners and operators and how UMB brings unique value to the region.

How does UMB’s commercial banking expansion into Minnesota better serve businesses in the region?

Ehren: The opportunity for UMB to expand into Minnesota was apparent; the region was a perfect fit for the bank’s commercial portfolio. UMB already has an established presence as a B2B partner here through other areas of the bank, and now we have an opportunity to bring in our regional expertise and grow the commercial banking business, which gives clients the full spectrum of banking solutions.

In today’s environment, something that’s resonated with the region’s businesses is UMB’s continued lending activity. Despite the conservative measures that are being taken across the lending landscape, UMB’s commercial lending remained active to support our clients and demonstrate the value of our partnership.

Lien: UMB’s core Midwestern values drew us to the bank, and these values will really appeal to businesses in the region. Minnesota’s business leaders seek partners who display prudent business practices and have a stable balance sheet, prioritize corporate citizenship, community involvement, and responsive and comprehensive client service—all attributes UMB proudly embraces. We were impressed with the strong influence and culture driven by UMB’s values, which have been passed down through generations.

What are some of the unique financial needs of Minnesota businesses?

Ehren: First and foremost, Minnesotans value relationship banking in every sense: responsive and nimble service, attentiveness, and actively demonstrating the understanding of their needs when advising or making recommendations. And these qualities are exactly how UMB conducts business. For example, when we are working with business leaders and executives in the region, those executives have direct interaction with UMB’s leadership. It is not uncommon for us to be in a virtual meeting with our client and have UMB’s executive leaders join us as we discuss personalized solutions for our client.

Lien: UMB reflects the core values the region’s business leaders seek in commercial banking partners. Our team is cognizant of the very unique business landscape in Minnesota. Not only do we understand the nuanced business culture of the region, but we have accumulated decades of niche industry expertise that can only be gathered in this market, and it allows us to offer strategic insight and ultimately be a better partner to local companies.

What do you envision for the future of UMB’s commercial banking business in the Minnesota region?

Ehren: We have an opportunity to continue to grow areas of business that UMB already has a great reputation with and expand our strong relationships with some of the region’s prominent contractors and sub-contractors—while also building on our existing connections to advance UMB’s commercial business in other sectors.

Our expanded commercial banking presence allows us to provide longstanding clients from other areas of the bank, like the region’s corporate trust, asset-based lending and factoring groups, with an even more comprehensive suite of banking solutions. My team is excited to grow UMB’s commercial business while navigating our clients through this challenging time with financial solutions that will help them continue to succeed.

With our depth of solutions and commitment one-on-one service, UMB is uniquely positioned to provide enhanced value to businesses in Minnesota. Set your strategy with a financial partner who understands what you do, so you can do it best. Visit www.UMB.com/Minnesota to learn more.

Ehren McGeehan, President Minnesota Commercial Banking

Becky Ellis, Treasury Sales Specialist

Lien Sarles, Commercial Banking Officer

Nick Battis
Portfolio Manager