I am not an artist by any means. At least, not in the traditional sense of drawing, painting or other creative outlets. However, when it comes to working with my clients, creativity is at the cornerstone of it all.

The truth is, most of my peers here at UMB would say the same thing. While many financial institutions work with clients on a form-fill basis, meaning they are just taking down information and requests, UMB has always prided itself on getting to know our customers, walking the floors of their business, and creating solutions that work for their unique needs.

Exhibit One: Building up the arts

I’ll take the Denver Art Museum as exhibit one. UMB has always been involved in the arts – it’s in our company’s DNA. So, when the opportunity came along to work with the museum on a renovation project for its North Building, we wanted to be involved from day one. But it was a deal that would mean we’d need to be creative and work with several different internal and external partners to get the job done.

We worked closely with the art museum to design attractive financing for the $150 million project in the form of a $47 million private placement revenue bond issued through the Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority.  I invite you to read more about how this deal came to be and how creativity can be found in every angle.

Exhibit Two: A Family Success Story

Keith & Associates Dentistry is another example. Matt Null, another commercial lender here at UMB, recently helped a family-owned business complete a commercial real estate deal, business succession plan, and outline a plan for future growth. You can read more about this great story and discover how our expertise in practice finance helped this father-son duo expand their operations and build for the future.

Exhibit Three: Scottsdale developer preps new senior living, multifamily projects

Last exhibit (for today, anyway) is our incredible partnership with The Hampton Group Inc. One of our many deals with this group recently made news in the Phoenix Business Journal. This project showcases our team’s ability to work across sectors – commercial real estate and health care in this instance – to help clients achieve their goals and create a financial solution that works for their needs.

I know most people don’t think of creativity and banking in the same universe, but I promise that our team works in both worlds every day. In fact, we thrive on it. By having the freedom to be creative, we can work with our clients to find unique solutions for their businesses, create plans that work for them, and share our deep expertise to truly help their operations. I can’t image doing what we do any other way.

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