In the second part of our Inside UMB series, we are pleased to share how UMB’s health and wellness initiatives have provided a positive outcome for associate Janessa Baake. Learn how one of our UMB wellness coaches has helped Janessa achieve her health goals, in her own words.

Janessa Baake UMBWhen I started participating in UMB’s wellness program, I was on the higher end of all my health totals, meaning I was dangerously close to being in the unhealthy range for my height and weight.

I had gained weight after I had my daughter, and I felt slow, foggy and unmotivated to do anything about it.

I had tried everything from joining a fitness program that came with healthy shakes, to competing in a Biggest Loser competition, with zero results. Then, I decided to meet with Will, a new wellness coach at UMB.

A new way of thinking

Will asked me questions about how I wanted to feel, rather than focusing on the numbers. He made me think outside of the box and enlightened me to new ideas and ways of thinking. Thanks to his help and guidance, I’ve now exceeded my goal with a 17-pound weight loss.

It’s had a true impact on my life in that I have more energy, I’m no longer constantly hungry, and I actually feel the need to work out! I also feel sharper when doing my work and many tasks aren’t stressful or overwhelming anymore.

A brighter outlook

The impact of meeting Will and using UMB’s tools and encouragement has made my outlook of the company even brighter. Since this company cares enough to provide a professional to help me manage my weight, stress, and anything else health-related, it has shown that they care and that I am a valuable asset.

Being our best self

My high school health teacher used to say, “You can’t do anything in this life without good health,” and this journey has definitely proved that to me. When you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be the best you. I’m happy to say I feel like I’m now the best version of myself. And I believe that is contagious with the people we come in contact with, including our co-workers and clients. I feel very fortunate that I work for a company that is fully invested in helping us achieve our best selves.

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