Tell me about your background. What led you to UMB?

I started working in the financial industry in 1992. I graduated on a Saturday and went to work on Monday as a financial advisor in Detroit, Michigan. I worked through the ranks before becoming a regional vice president where I managed 320 people across 10 states on the east coast.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, so later in my career, I decided to work for myself. While I was registered as an independent advisor, I owned and franchised several different restaurants, which fueled my competitive spirit, which I sold in 2017.

When I was looking for my next venture, the UMB job came across my LinkedIn profile. I remembered meeting several UMB associates at the Smokin’ Vault BBQ and thought this would be a good next chapter for me. As I interviewed, the people and UMB’s culture continued to impress and excite me. Our company is very entrepreneurial, so I knew I could take my experience and hit the ground running.

What did you learn from your years working in restaurants?

In the restaurant industry, I learned you need multiple units to diversify your income. When I first started building this business, I was full of emotion and not enough logic. I had a business plan, but I made really emotional decisions instead of falling back on the plan. As I started to grow the business and franchise my restaurants, I quickly learned the plan was my greatest asset. Leaning on my business plan allowed me to find new markets to break in to and showed me how to change my restaurants to meet the needs of my demographics. Each of my restaurants would do better at different times of the year because of the markets they were in, so the business plan and fully understanding how each unit was going to ebb and flow helped me to be successful.

How do you push your teams to be different in this industry?

At UMB, we have a comprehensive team of experts to do each job function, which allows us to provide a more streamlined service for our clients.

In our business, there are many different products and solutions to meet our clients’ needs, which can be overwhelming for our clients to evaluate and understand.

Our financial professionals orchestrate the team to provide our clients with advice based on a customized financial plan. Our team uses the client’s financial plan as the center of truth and the first building block of our relationship. The financial plan is the document everyone at UMB can refer to in order to make a client’s dreams come to life.

Our goal is to provide more than just products and solutions, we build a strong relationship together.

Tell us about your family and how you spend your free time.

I’ve been married for 25 years and have three kids: one just graduated from KU, another is still studying at KU and the third is in high school. I’m originally from Michigan but my family calls Kansas City home. We are big sports fans and always cheer for the Royals and the Chiefs, unless they are playing our beloved Detroit teams.

Before COVID-19, my family loved to travel. We have a property on a lake in northern Michigan and have really missed being able to visit this summer. We’ve made a lot of great family memories up there and hopefully we can return soon.

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