How do you demonstrate leadership within your community? 

I engage in activities that expand my viewpoints and will help me gain additional perspective on both the strengths and areas for growth in Springfield, Missouri. I believe that leadership is best demonstrated by service to others, and I have dedicated a lot of my time to serving the community through my roles within several impactful organizations that I am passionate about. As I continue to develop my leadership roles, I hope to broaden my perspectives and build relationships with people that share a similar desire to strengthen our community. Together, we can then build on our successes and become better allies to advocate for positive change.

I also welcome opportunities to learn from peers who share the same dedication to making our city a better place to live and work. I enjoy connecting with a diverse group of people and collaborating to find solutions that positively impact our community and create new ideas to strengthen both business and philanthropic sectors.

Congratulations on your admission into the Leadership Springfield Signature Class 41! What unique skills do you bring to this class?

My corporate background and ability to think strategically allows me to brainstorm and collaborate with classmates in a productive manner. Problem solving does not mean being right all the time, it means staying calm, looking for opportunities and exploring what different solutions look like. I bring the ability to focus and effectively communicate into what could be a chaotic situation for others. When it was discovered that our long-standing event for Rotary was not benefitting the community as we had hoped, I helped the group collaborate and brainstorm a new concept. This decision was difficult for many because the past event had been a community staple for so long, but we were able to devise the Rotary Outdoor Activity Movement (ROAM) program to help fight obesity in our community. This new initiative is year-round and can help the community even during the pandemic.

I also bring an openness for conversation and a desire to lead, learn more and facilitate inclusiveness to this program. Through Leadership Springfield I’ll be able to learn from my peers through brainstorms and open communication.  I think that my background presents an opportunity for me to build relationships with others and facilitate meaningful collaboration. I value what we’ll be able to learn from each other and am looking forward to growing as a class with the same goal of improving our city.

What do you consider to be your most important leadership accomplishment?

In my role as vice president, senior portfolio manager, commercial lending banking, our client relationships are the foundation of everything we do. As a senior portfolio manager, I work with our clients to establish trust, determine their goals and put those plans in place. Seeing my clients succeed and reach their goals is a great barometer of success for me and I take pride in seeing others reach their goals.

I pride myself on giving back and try to make a positive impact on our community. One particular accomplishment that stands out to me during my time as president of the Rotaract Club was raising and donating $15,000 to Great Circle, a behavioral health organization that provides counseling and support to kids and families who are struggling financially. I help lead a group of about 70 individuals and we were able to raise these funds as well as put money in the clubs savings account so it will remain a strong club for years to come. We were able to do all of this even throughout the pandemic. What makes this a powerful accomplishment was being able to see how Great Circle can be life-changing for families by helping them get back on their feet.

I am also extremely proud to say that we have the largest Rotaract group in all of Missouri, outpacing St. Louis and Kansas City, and I credit this to the relationships we’ve built in the community. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve tried to keep people engaged by hosting social hours and being a resource as we all work from home and plan to bring this same inclusive, relationship-first mindset to Leadership Springfield.


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