In case you missed it, these are the top five financial blog topics for this month. Check out these and other posts for current industry trends, company news and a look inside UMB.

  1. Tips for Paying for College - Preview: Paying for college tuition may be on your mind if you have children or are planning your own career development. Use these tips for paying for college to help you plan and save for tuition, fees, room and board.

  2. Stay Curious: Career tips and more from senior vice president and commercial real estate officer Tracy Howren - Preview: Senior vice president and commercial real estate lending officer Tracy Howren shares details on her career, how she discovered banking, success tips and what she loves about her work.

  3. UMB earnings release: First quarter 2018 explained - Preview: Earnings information for the first quarter of 2018. In the video included in this post, UMB EVP/chief financial officer Ram Shankar shares and explains key metrics and earnings perspectives as part of our Q1 UMB earnings release.

  4. UMB Fund Services FIS award recognizes innovation - Preview: UMB Fund Services recently earned a fund services FIS award for its innovative use of FIS technology and services to better serve customers and drive tangible business results.

  5. 'Go Green' with your volunteer hours - Preview: We know there are many items that make our cities great. So it comes as no surprise that among those is our belief in giving back and supporting our communities through green volunteering efforts.

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