Recently, UMB launched UMB Family Wealth, and some of the key team members are also a part of UMB Capital Corporation. UMB Capital Corporation helps provide UMB Family Wealth clients with access to valuable financial opportunities, while continuing to operate as its own entity within UMB.

UMB Capital Corporation utilizes various financial instruments and is comprised of a core team that has decades of experience and can help clients navigate the nuances of complex financial situations. Learn how the team operates and works within UMB Family Wealth.

Building UMB Capital Corporation

UMB Capital Corporation has been around for nearly 40 years. UMB Capital Corporation has more than $100 million in capital with 60 investments made to date. Our team has learned many lessons throughout the years about how to support entrepreneurs and their financial goals.

Each of the 60 investments we’ve worked on has taught our team something new about how to grow and manage a business.

Core offerings

One of UMB’s key advantages and differentiators is that we think and act like owners of the business. We are nimble and when we have an idea, we figure out how to execute. We work alongside entrepreneurs and share their energy and drive for growth and unique ideas beyond traditional lending opportunities. For example, UMB Capital Corporation can provide:

Mezzanine debt

This type of debt is issued by a lender (in this case, UMB Capital Corporation) to businesses that are generally subordinate to debt that has already been issued. In practice, before UMB Capital Corporation provides mezzanine debt to a company, the company would need to have the approval of any senior debt holders, as the senior debt holders are looking to be paid off before the company takes on additional debt.

If UMB Capital Corporation does issue mezzanine debt and complications arise, UMB Capital Corporation may have the option to take ownership of equity shares of the company. Mezzanine debt is attractive for companies who need financing, but don’t necessarily want to give up equity.

Non-control equity investments

With these investments, UMB Capital Corporation will deploy capital to invest in companies, but will maintain fewer than 50% of the shares. Minority investments are attractive to companies because they can be a better option than taking on more debt.

Partnering with UMB Family Wealth

Our team is responsive and has a strong financial acumen as a result of our years of experience in the industry. Because we can partner with different lines of business throughout UMB, we have a breadth of industry knowledge we can tap into to support our clients.

This synergy is strategic and intentional – the UMB Capital Corporation team can bring our expertise in helping finance companies to the point of selling, and then we can work with the UMB Family Wealth team to support the sellers with how best to manage their newfound capital through generations.

By taking this full-service approach, we can help our clients along each step of their journey.

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Securities offered through UMB Family Wealth are: