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veterans and kindness

Honoring veterans and advocating kindness

By Published On: November 10, 20200 min read

Mariner Kemper  | 

November 10, 2020  | 

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Honoring veterans and advocating kindness

We’ve talked at length about the unusual times and environment 2020 has brought to all of us this year, and with that has come plenty of time for reflection. While there has certainly been worry, fear and uncertainty, we have also seen outstanding acts of kindness, support and humanity from everyday citizens, our medical professionals, teachers and more.

As we approach Veterans Day, I’m further reminded of the character and amazing example our veterans provide by choice daily. They do so willfully and without hesitation, and perhaps most importantly, they offer this to all, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, gender and so on. There is no concern for public sentiment, social media engagement or recognition—they do what is right simply because it’s right.

In a time when many are judged or held in high regard because of public forums, I think it’s important to remember that everyday heroes live among us and exemplify the character we should all strive to achieve. Veterans and military service members are the ultimate example of courage, determination and protection to all. They stand up for our values, and they do it while no one is watching.

And as I’ve thought about this, the questions I offer to all of us are: What would our world look like if we all did this? What if everyone just woke up each day and acted in service of one another? What if we all were a little kinder, more supportive and had each other’s backs without thought of background and beliefs?

As I think of closing the chapter on 2020 and heading into 2021, I’m certainly reflecting on these questions and hope to take some of what I love and admire of those who choose a military life and incorporate it into my own. My hope is we will all consider what could happen if everyone simply did what is right, regardless of who is watching.

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Mariner is president, chairman and chief executive officer of UMB Financial Corporation. He joined UMB in 1997 and has been in his current executive role since 2004. Mariner is active in both civic and philanthropic endeavors.
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