I hope everyone is settling in as much as possible to what certainly feels like unsettled times. We, as both a company and country, have faced unprecedented times before, and we will weather this storm. Stay positive and understand and trust your ability to persevere.

As we continue through the coming days and weeks, it’s important we communicate, and then over-communicate again with one another. This new normal is going to require some getting used to and a whole lot of trust and understanding of one another. We have the greatest intention and desire to help—I fully believe it and I see it every day, especially in times like these.

Perhaps you are working from home now; maybe you have kids who need your attention; there’s growing concern about being able to keep the kitchen cupboards adequately stocked; and so much more. This is the reality, and everyone is feeling it.

I’m certain there will be more we are challenged with before this is over. Trust yourself and your teammates, and again communicate. Communicate to ensure proper expectations are being laid out between you, your coworkers, your family and whoever you connect with, to help ensure no one is left disappointed.

Our approach to client communication

From the beginning of this health crisis, we have worked to proactively connect with our clients. We know that now is the time to touch base with you and ask how you are dealing with this uncertainty, what your contingency plans are—and to simply listen and offer perspective. We have your back and aren’t going anywhere.

If you see a challenge, raise your hand and make it known. If you need help, raise your hand and ask for it, there is no shame in that! We all hope this will be relatively short-lived, but we must prepare for what uncertainty lies ahead.

I have worked for this company for more than 18 years. UMB has always protected and taken care of its customers and associates, and we can get through whatever the current situation throws our way.

There will be more coming down the pike, I’m sure. In the meantime, stay proactive, trust one another, be understanding and communicate. I believe brighter times lie ahead.

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