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Our New Normal: Staying positive

By Published On: May 21, 20200 min read

Uma Wilson  | 

May 21, 2020  | 

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Our New Normal: Staying positive

In the last 45 to 60 days, I have seen UMB and its people shine in a new reality I had not imagined. Associates across every line of business have stepped up to meet the needs of our customers and their fellow teammates. Our leaders have buckled down and adjusted to ensure business continuity not only for UMB, but for many of our customers. It is clear we are leading with our heart, and that is something we can be proud of.

As we look to have events will evolve in the rest of the year, I’ve started thinking about what this will look like and how we will all adjust to yet another new normal. The two thoughts that keep coming to my mind are the need to stay positive and to take the high road.

Take a walk on the bright side

We’re all facing challenges. Maybe you have kids at home or are responsible for an aging parent, maybe your role requires you to continue to work onsite and you’re concerned about the health of everyone who is around you. No matter your circumstance, it’s important to be purposeful in maintaining a positive attitude.

Admittedly, working from home has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My husband and I are both working from home, while also trying to entertain and educate our daughter. Some days, it seems like an overwhelming situation, but then I think how lucky I am to be able to have lunch with my family.

If I work late, I am thankful for the fact I don’t have a 30-minute commute home at the end of that long day. And if my daughter needs time with me, I have the flexibility to take a break and focus my energy on her. When you feel overwhelmed, take a break, relax and try to identify something positive about your current situation.

Let’s take the high road

As we start transitioning into the next phase of this health crisis, let’s choose positivity. Understand that every experience is different, and each of us is dealing with unique needs. Please try not to compare yourself to others or question motives behind decisions. I’m the first to admit we don’t have all the answers, so let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt and trust that we’re all trying to do our best and working with good intentions.

Be supportive and confident that the people working through this are trying to think about every scenario. Frame questions and concerns in a supportive way to help conversation feels open and flexible. Reach out in a way that’s positive, productive and encouraging.

This pandemic has shown me that we are strong, resilient, creative, and we will always find a way to do what is best for our customers and our associates—trusted relationships are made stronger through adversity.

Stay safe and healthy.

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Uma Wilson is executive vice president and director of product management for UMB, which includes developing product strategy, road map, business plans and P&L management for the depository, digital, payments and card solutions. She joined UMB in 2006 and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.
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