We invite you to download our 2021 Corporate Citizenship and ESG Report. This report includes details on our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs and metrics in our employer standards, community connections, environmental policies and risk management practices.

More than ever, individuals are heavily considering what is most important to them in all areas of their life. From family, lifestyle, and career, to health and personal choices, the past two years have given many the opportunity to reprioritize what is most important to them.

This is something I have spent much time considering as well.

From our business model and approach, to how we engage and support each other and our communities, the past 24 months have provided many opportunities for reflection. Yet, even with change, there is a strength in the steadfast familiarity of what remains the same.

For UMB, the way we worked and communicated with our customers, our associates and our communities did shift – we found new ways to serve each other, to build relationships, grow our business and support our cities. However, we also had a tried-and-true mission that steered those changes – our Count on more commitment.

Access the 2021 Corporate Citizenship and ESG Report

Legacy of support

In 2004, my first year as UMB Financial Corporation’s CEO, we announced a new brand promise, Count on more. In the nearly 20 years since, it still speaks to our central tenets: our commitment to the communities we serve and the unparalleled service we deliver to our customers and each other. Count on more is a rallying cry in our culture, inspiring us to deliver on the promise of being more than the words every company offers—we are dedicated to being the advocate and driving force behind the words.

We believe the idea of counting on more is already very much a part of our company’s past and present, and this has been confirmed time and again through customer testimonials.

Steadfast commitment

Our more than 3,500 associates nationwide share core values of integrity and respect, outstanding service, and sought-after expertise. These core values drive all we do internally and externally and are a significant part of why people want to work at UMB.

When you have an established values set to which people are committed, it not only draws the best people but retains them as well. This clearly shows in our wide range of long-tenured associates with deep expertise. Our average tenure for associates is more than nine years, which is twice the industry average. We even have some associates with 50 years of UMB experience, an unheard-of statistic in today’s professional world.

Accountability and stewardship

Our focus is on being good financial stewards, which in turn serves the economic needs of peoples and business in our neighborhoods. This includes intentional focus on the following areas, among others you’ll find in this report:

  • Upholding our rigorous employer standards and associate benefits to attract and retain talent
  • Fostering inclusion and diversity internally and externally
  • Supporting communities, customers and economies with financial services and education
  • Conscientious environmental policies and progress
  • Transparent and prudent company governance

Unwavering partner

Like the CEOs before me, I am deeply invested in building a company that continues to withstand the test of time, which includes adapting to and being open-minded to business progression, global movements, social evolutions and emerging voices.

My commitment to you is that UMB will continue working hard every day to make you proud of our organization. At UMB, you can Count on more – from me, and from each and every one of our associates as we meet the evolving needs of our clients and communities.

About our ESG program

We care about our customers, our associates and our communities. Because we care, we do our best every day to deliver on our promises and meet the ever-evolving needs of the world around us. Those efforts include:

  • Advancing inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic growth.
  • Remaining committed to the prosperity of the communities we serve.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment among a diverse group of associates.
  • Employing strong, consistent and transparent governance practices.
  • Using an ESG lens in considering long-term financial sustainability and strategic risk management opportunities.

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