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UMB Bank+The Guetterman Brothers Family Farm: An inside look at an agribusiness relationship

By Published On: February 25, 20212.8 min read

Lance Albin  | 

February 25, 2021  | 

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UMB Bank+The Guetterman Brothers Family Farm: An inside look at an agribusiness relationship

Guetterman Brothers Family Farms

One family who makes their living in ag is the Guettermans, a multi-generational family who owns the Guetterman Brothers Family Farms operation in Bucyrus, Kansas. Since 1966, the family has worked side-by-side in the fields to grow crops and provide food to families across the world.

We recently had the chance to visit the Guetterman farm and talk to their family about the importance of having a good financial partner through every economic cycle.

Agribusiness and banking: Why relationships matter

Building and maintaining relationships are at the heart of UMB’s core values. From an ag perspective, it’s important to be able to sit down at the table with a family or the owners of an operation like Guetterman Farms and have honest, transparent discussions. We must be able to trust the farmers we work with and they in turn must be able to trust us—it’s a two-way street.

“UMB has been a great partner,” said Nick Guetterman, owner and farmer at Guetterman Farms. “They have invested in us, and our relationship with them is strong. They are with us during the good times and bad times and they ride through the cycles with us. They’re behind us 100 percent.”

Part of building that trust is understanding and getting to know our customers and their operations in order to structure credits and put facilities in place to meet their needs. We take pride in staying up to date on industry trends and providing financial support, advice and guidance to our customers to help them succeed through good times and challenging ones, particularly when it comes to weathering all economic cycles.

“In the agribusiness division, we focus on the three Cs: being conservative in the good times, being courageous and sticking with our customers even in the hard times, and being consistent, no matter what the commodity cycle will do,” said Lance Albin, president of UMB Bank’s Agribusiness Division. “We’re very proud to partner with the Guetterman family to provide different levels of financing for operating needs.”

UMB’s personalized approach ensures operations like Guetterman Farms are continuously improving their business and bottom line so they can do the important work of feeding families for generations to come.

UMB’s commitment to agribusiness

The agribusiness industry has always been an important part of the bank’s growth and will continue to be as we expand to meet the needs of our customers today and in the future. The Guettermans have been a UMB Bank customer since 2013, and throughout that time, they have relied on our financial advice, expertise and services to help their operation grow.

Our Agribusiness Division serves all areas of agriculture, including producers, processors, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and goods, throughout a 12-state area. 

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Lance Albin is president of agribusiness at UMB Bank and has more than nine years of experience in agriculture financing. He has a master’s degree in business administration from Fort Hays State University. UMB Bank is one of the Top 25 Farm Lenders in the United States serving farmers/ranchers, producers, processors, manufacturers and dealers throughout the Midwest and Mississippi Delta regions.
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