UMB has been involved in agriculture (ag) since our founding more than 100 years ago. We started in this business in 1913 in Kansas City, Missouri, which at the time, was the heart of our country’s ag industry. Fast forward to today and we serve nearly every facet of the industry – from farmers and producers to processors, suppliers and manufacturers that are spread out across the Midwest, the Mississippi Delta and the Southwest.

We visited KBH Equipment to talk with owner, Buddy Bass, and CFO, Kimbol Jones, about the importance of having a good financial partner who can support customers in various agribusiness industries through the good times and bad. KBH Equipment is an agriculture equipment manufacturer in Clarksdale, Mississippi that has been in operation since 1950 and a UMB client for more than eight years.

Strong business and personal relationships are at the heart of UMB’s core values. From an ag perspective, it’s important to have candid and sometimes difficult conversations to develop that bond and build trust with the owners of an operation like KBH Equipment. Equally important is the knowledge we have about our customers and their operations — the better we can structure credit and put facilities in place to meet their needs, the more successful they can be.

At UMB, we recognize that in the agribusiness industry things can change quickly, and what worked today may not work tomorrow. Because of this ever-evolving industry, we are proud to provide our clients the personalized financial wherewithal and guidance that will positively impacts their business and bottom line.

Our Agribusiness Division serves all areas of agriculture, including producersprocessors, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and goods, throughout a 12-state area. Learn more about what ag means to UMB and see some of our clients in action.