Lance Albin, president of agribusiness at UMB, recently spoke with Jaren Flinn, host of Bulk Loads podcast, about his financial outlook for agriculture in 2023.

Agriculture outlook

Here are five key takeaways for the agriculture industry this year:


Today, commodity prices are strong, especially compared to five years ago. Grain, cattle and the commodity basket as a whole have moved up significantly and we’re a much stronger ag environment than we’ve seen in recent years.


Land prices, which are typically the largest asset for family farms, are increasing, which allows for more equity on the balance sheets. We anticipate this to continue throughout 2023.

Interest rates

As we combat this round of inflation and deal with increased interest rates, working capital becomes extremely important. If you are looking to expand your business, it’s crucial you do a thorough analysis and factor in the cost of capital before making the decision. But, if you can do it and it makes sense financially, you should still consider growing your business.


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is starting to moderate, which generally is indicative that inflation will soon temper. Additionally, the last gross domestic product (GDP) rating was strong, which could point to a solid environment where inflation can come down without crippling the growth of the economy. This, of course, would be ideal for everybody.


Overall, there is reason for optimism in the ag industry this year, despite the current economic environment and increase in interest rates.

Listen to the full interview on the Bulk Loads podcast website here.

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