We recently had a chance to visit Tivol and talk with owners, Cathy Tivol and Hunter McGrath, about the importance of having a good financial partner who can support its customers through all economic seasons and cycles. Tivol‡ is a Kansas City-based luxury jewelry business that has been in operation since 1910 and a UMB client for more than a decade.

Building and maintaining relationships are at the heart of our core values at UMB and it’s important to us to be able to sit down at the table with a family or the owners of an operation like Tivol and have open and honest conversations. The trust we have with our clients is a two-way street and the more we know about our client and their operations, the better we can structure credits and put facilities in place to meet their needs. The willingness to communicate – both in good times and bad – is crucial to a successful relationship. Knowing our clients’ personal and professional goals gives us the ultimate view to provide a financial strategy that aligns with what matters most.


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