Q: How did your background lead you to the UMB Institutional Custody team?

One word that will likely resonate when combing through my career history is “growing.” I started at DST Systems in 2000, and in my 18 years there, I grew from an entry-level representative to the director of operations, spanning various areas including client relationship management, finance, regulatory and financial control—while growing their alternative investment book of business from scratch. I then became DST Pharmacy Solutions’ director of pharmacy funding and disbursements before joining UMB.

Along the way, I became very familiar with UMB. In fact, I was a client of UMB’s and always loved the people I worked with. I thought that maybe I had just lucked out by having top-notch client relationship managers. Upon joining UMB, I’ve learned it’s really the company-wide culture.

Q: How have you seen the industry evolve during your career, and what are some of the challenges for the future?

Like many other industries, technology has transformed everything. Today, if something isn’t electronic, it’s at a large disadvantage, and in some cases, may even be useless. Not only does technology help make things easier for us, but smaller teams are now able to manage far greater volumes.

The proliferation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain bring new challenges for the future. Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, introduces real-time trading, clearing and settlement. Today, each of these processes are provided by separate service providers. While blockchain is not a new concept, it will take some time for the industry to adopt including the need for regulatory oversight and system enhancements. And, as interest rates fluctuate or level off through economic cycles, a persistent challenge is how to be in tune with our clients’ wants and needs, and make sure their goals are met.

Q: What are the pillars of success for your team?

I’ve witnessed technology completely transform the industry, so I want to ensure UMB’s custody group is equipped with the technology solutions that meet our needs both internally and for clients. The best way for our team to succeed is through continuous innovation, which includes not only technology, but also an environment that embraces change and evolution.

While technology is a baseline requirement, our team is successful because we are dedicated to providing the best service for our clients and we have a reputation in the market for doing so. As we enhance our tech offerings, we simply cannot lose our focus on the ultimate client experience.

As someone who is very family-oriented, I know success also comes from fostering a healthy work-life balance. I strive to make that possible for my team, whether it’s by offering flexible schedules or remote work options. As a mother and a professional, I have listened to advice given to me through the years regarding how the years go with your children. My main goal is to be present in the big events and in the everyday moments with my family. My teenagers keep me busy with band events, choir concerts, volleyball games, and golf tournaments and I work hard to ensure they will see my face in the crowd. I also want my UMB team to feel supported in living their priorities to the fullest, whether that is their children, schooling, career advancement, or whatever they choose.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

I love spending time with my family. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two children; our son is a sophomore in high school, and our daughter just started seventh grade. We travel every chance we get, and most recently we visited the Florida gulf coast where I got to hold – and fall in love with – a baby alligator. We also very much enjoy skiing as a family, whether it’s in Colorado, Wisconsin Dells, or on the hills locally at Westin.

I also enjoy giving back to the community, which includes leading the music team at my church where I play the keyboard and sing. My husband and I actively work with groups focused on keeping families together. I have provided mentorship to students and professionals in underserved areas and helped them build and execute goals to be successful. Also, with UMB, I’m provided the opportunity to mentor veterans through its partnership with American Corporate Partners, which has impacted me significantly. Many of my family members served in the military across several generations, so being able to mentor and assist veterans as they transition to civilian life is important to me.

I always look for ways to stay involved and believe that makes me better in all aspects of my life.

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