Checking accounts have changed and are no longer tied to checks like they were in the past. Despite their name, you can do more than simply write checks with a checking account. Today, banking with a checking account can be a foundational element of your banking strategy.

Let’s look at a few more modern ways you can easily and effectively use your checking account that have nothing to do with actually writing any checks.

1. Accept direct deposits

Receive your paycheck the day it’s issued, without having to pick up or deposit a paper check.

2. Manage your money online

Check balances, transfer funds between your accounts, set personal alerts and much more with your checking account as your financial home base.

3. Pay with a debit card

Enjoy the convenience of cash without having to carry it in your wallet or regularly stop at an ATM.

4. Check your balance on the go

Use your mobile banking app or text banking to quickly check your account balance anywhere.

5. Make easy online payments

Use your checking account to pay your monthly bills, including setting up recurring payments.

Look beyond the check-writing function of your checking account to see how it can work for you. It can be an important part of your financial plan, whether in your budget, savings goals, debt management, fraud prevention and more.

Using your checking account

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