With the conveniences of digital banking and so much of our day-to-day transactions being automated, many people underestimate the impact of a true banking relationship. The real value of a strong banking relationship becomes apparent when you need financial advice or help resolving an issue. As you consider your banking options, it’s important to understand the value of your banking relationship.

Invest in a relationship

All too often, customers view opening their account as the most important step in their banking relationship, but this is just the beginning. Instead of just selecting an account quickly, take the time to sit down with a banker and discuss your short and long-term financial goals. By investing a little more time in the initial appointment, you can leave with an entire suite of financial products and services that support exactly what you need.

Your banker will also start to build a relationship with you and can follow-up as your financial needs evolve and make recommendations as you move through different life events.

Centralize your accounts

Many customers will have different accounts spread across several financial institutions, which makes building a relationship with a bank that truly understands your needs difficult. In addition, this approach means learning multiple apps, several different passwords, fee structures, rewards programs and receiving mail and notifications from different institutions.

Instead of enjoying all the perks and benefits of being a loyal customer at one bank and building a meaningful relationship, you’re likely settling for a mediocre experience at various banks. By working with a single institution, you can centralize your experience, build a relationship and make your life a little easier as you navigate your financial needs.

Bank how you want

Once you establish your primary financial institution and start investing in a relationship with the bank, you have the freedom to bank how you want. As you get to know your bank, make sure you ask about any mobile apps and functionality that they offer along with where all the branches in your area are located and how their ATM network works. Lean on these different ways to bank so you can easily care for your financial needs on your terms.

Your bank is an important part of your life, and the relationship is yours to build and take advantage of. Rely on your bank to serve as a trusted partner who you can lean on to care for your financial goals and needs.

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