Strategically managing the day-to-day needs of your finances can be time consuming. One option to ensure you stay on top of your assets and reach your goals is to enlist the help of a dedicated private banker.

What is a private banker?

A private banker works with high-net-worth individuals and gives clients a direct line to the bank. A private banker establishes a relationship with you and becomes your go-to financial partner. They bring tailored deposit and lending solutions to the table so you can achieve your banking goals. Private bankers also provide added value that includes:

1. Access

Private bankers are the gatekeeper to the rest of the bank. Private bankers can provide opportunities for you to grow with the bank so when you are ready, you can open investment accounts, meet with trust and fiduciary partners, or discuss how you could sell your business and financially prepare for the next generation. In addition, private bank clients have access to a full suite of specialized bank products and services that come with competitive rates.

2. Partnership

It is crucial for high-net-worth individuals to have a trusted partner walk alongside them through their financial journey. Private bankers collaborate with their clients and build a relationship to support them as they navigate family dynamics or impactful financial decisions. With years of experience and banking knowledge, private bankers can look ahead and guide clients through different financial situations that may arise.

3. Concierge service

A private banker is your one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. They can manage your finances and bring the bank to you. This conciergerie service means you have someone on speed dial who is ready and able to help you as quickly as possible. High-touch service is the cornerstone of the private bank industry.

Private bankers realize the importance of having a sound financial partner that sits on your side of your table as you move through different life stages. A private banker is your collaborative partner who can do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to your banking needs.

UMB Private Bank believes your real priorities lie beyond your net worth. This belief guides our approach in building our relationship with you. We understand you, not just your money, so we can better personalize solutions to meet your unique goals. Learn more about how we serve you at our website.