Each year, UMB shares its Corporate Citizenship and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report that includes details on our approach to ESG programs and metrics in our employer standards, community connections, environmental policies and risk management practices.

Our approach

UMB is dedicated to environmental conservation and responsible consumption of resources. We have a dedicated property management team who researches and reviews opportunities for space efficiency, energy efficiency, construction and renovation standards, and other ways we can reduce the environmental impact of our physical footprint.

Our commitments to continuous progress in environmental conservation and responsible stewardship include:

  • Promoting and raising awareness internally and externally for essential stakeholder audiences to advance sustainable initiatives.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reducing our environmental impact associated with our operations using energy efficient technologies, waste reduction programs and water conservation practices.
  • Reporting annually to stakeholders on UMB’s sustainability practices and progress in public disclosures.

Our environmental goals

As part of our environmental focus, we have identified several goals we are working toward. Just as markets and global needs shift, so, too, will these goals evolve and grow. Our current environmental objectives are:

  • 5% reduction of owned and leased square footage within our existing real estate portfolio by year-end 2023
  • Office space renovations to maintain and align with our 150 square feet per associate building standard
  • Identify top 10% of Energy Star outliers within our properties and evaluate needs for improvement
  • Building automation controls implemented in 100% of owned locations by year-end 2023
  • Convert all high intensity discharge (HID) exterior lighting to 100% LEEDÒ standards
  • Reduce printer paper use by 25% through print optimization and associate awareness by year-end 2023 (Print usage data will be compared to pre-pandemic, 2019 levels)
  • Identify additional forms of paper reduction through current and digital opportunities, including account statements, marketing collateral, e-signatures, lending documents and deposit agreements

Efficient and sensible resource use

We recognize the undeniable importance of sustainable business practices—notably those in service to responsible and efficient resource use. While our business model as a financial service provider does not include production or distribution of material goods, we still examine ways to reduce waste, promote recycling, decrease air pollution, conserve energy and educate our associates about the benefits of environmental sustainability.

We are responsible stewards of our natural resources in our decisions and actions. Office work and financial accounts are well-known for their reliance on paper documentation. While we remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations regarding account record keeping, we also take a close look at how we can reduce our use.

Green commute and community partnerships

We continue to support telecommuting, remote work and technology, such as video conferencing. UMB associates have a range of options that allow them to reduce the environmental impact of their daily commute, through public transit, walking, biking and working from home. UMB offers flexible spending accounts that can be used for community and an annual Green Commute Challenge through Rideshare KC to compete against other local companies and organizations.

UMB is proud to be a partner in the Ripple Glass company, the first glass recycling program in the Kansas City region, and Bridging the Gap, a nonprofit providing environmental action and education.

Embracing technology

Technology is a significant resource for reducing our paper use and commute impact. We empower associates to avoid printing by providing robust digital software in meeting rooms and workstations that enables teams to use screens to collaborate rather than paper documents. Additionally, we have enterprise-wide solutions adapted for mobile device access and laptop workstations so associates can check calendars, notes and documents on the go.

We invite you to read our 2021 Corporate Citizenship and ESG Report as we highlight our environmental programs and policies, as well as our initiatives within the social and governance categories.

To learn more about UMB and our connections to the communities we serve, visit our community involvement page and follow us on Facebook‡ and LinkedIn‡.