For many, financial resources are one of life’s biggest stressors, but your bank is full of benefits and resources to make customers less worried. These benefits are usually free and available for customers to take advantage of when needed. The trick is understanding exactly what is available and what would be the most beneficial to help you achieve your financial goals.

Learn as much as you can

Engaging with financial education content can be a helpful way to learn financial basics on your own time and take control of your finances. In addition, explore if your bank offers classes or workshops on financial education topics that you can attend.

Relationships matter

Your bank should be an important and useful relationship in your life. Your banker should get to know you on a personal level and fully understand your financial goals. It is recommended that you meet with a banker once a year to review your finances and check to see if you are using all the benefits of the bank to your full advantage.

Usually when you sit down for a financial review, it should be a relaxed conversation. Many customers think they need to have a lot of money for this type of service, but in reality, everyone can benefit from a financial review. Your banker can serve as your financial guide and can be a person to lean on if you have questions, or an issue comes up like fraud on one of your accounts.

Ask about offers and discounts

Oftentimes, as a bank customer you are eligible for different offers and discounts. For some, this could mean money back after opening an account, a higher interest rate on a savings account or a discount when applying for a loan. It is important to talk to your banker about what is available to you and how you can use the different offers and discounts to achieve your financial goals.

You can also talk to your banker about different credit card benefits. There might be a cash back benefit that aligns with your spending habits such as cash back on grocery shopping, gas purchases or department stores.

Explore your workplace options

For some, your workplace will have a partnership with a bank that opens up different opportunities to you. Review your benefits package and talk to your human resources department to see if this is one of your benefits. If your employer offers banking as a benefit, you should review the offering just like you would do with health insurance.

As a bank customer, you have benefits and opportunities available to you. Check in on your benefits annually to make sure you are using everything to its full potential. If you have questions or want to learn more, lean on the bankers and the relationships you have with your bank.

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