We invite you to download our 2022 Corporate Citizenship and ESG Report. This report includes details on our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs and metrics in our employer standards, community connections, environmental policies and risk management practices. Here, we highlight some of our thinking and programs and policies that support a culture of inclusion and diversity at UMB.

Courage, curiosity and belonging

Our commitment is more than diverse representation. Inclusion and diversity are core values at UMB, and something we are continually working to strengthen and improve within our organization through our workforce, our products and services, our networks, and our evolution as a 110-year-old organization.

We believe in continuously listening and learning, finding new ways and perspectives to approach our business, and leveraging the diverse perspectives of our associates, customers, and communities.

We believe to cultivate an environment of inclusion we must consistently work to unlock the richness of the diversity of our associates, to provide equitable access to financial products and services, and pave the path for diverse suppliers to do business with us and sustain our support of our local economies.

Associate diversity

We regularly review details and progress of our inclusion strategy with our executives and board. We prioritize inclusion first since only through inclusion can diversity act as a catalyst to belonging and engagement to deliver the unparalleled customer experience we work each day to deliver.

In 2022, 36% of UMB hires were people of color, 56% were women and 6% were veterans. Additionally, 53% of our executive leadership team are women and/or people of color. These metrics demonstrate where we stand today and serve as motivation for our continued focus on bringing diverse voices to UMB. We leverage diverse candidate slates to help bolster our concerted efforts to ensure our talent pipeline reflects our communities, and continually work to identify and align the best talent with our opportunities.

Training and engagement

Educating and increasing awareness among our leaders and associates about inclusion, what it looks like, and the role each of us must fulfill is a top priority for UMB. We focus on what is relevant to our unique associate and customer base. Our training conveys why inclusion is important, what inclusion looks like and how each associate is part owner of the company’s inclusion and diversity efforts.

Specific topics we address include courage, curiosity, cultural intelligence, mitigating unconscious bias, psychological safety, inclusive leadership and more. Additionally, we provide options to obtain professional development such as self-paced online learning on unconscious bias, microaggressions/affirmations, empathy and teamwork.

We work to use an inclusion and diversity lens to all associate policies and programs to foster an associate experience of respect leading to engagement and a sense of belonging. This is embedded into our training, recruiting and succession planning practices to further mitigate unconscious bias in talent management processes.

Business resource groups (BRGs)

BRGs are associate-led groups that are valuable resources to our businesses by enhancing associate engagement, providing insight and important feedback to leaders, and driving change to create a more inclusive culture.

Involvement in a business resource group also provides associates with leadership development, project and change management opportunities, mentorship from executives, community volunteerism, and networking with colleagues.

Our BRGs are vital in talent attraction, recruitment, development and retention, which helps us serve our clients and drive business growth. Any associate may join any BRG regardless of identity.


  • Abilities
  • Asian American
  • Blacks for Empowering People through Inclusion and Collaboration (B-EPIC)
  • Young Professionals
  • Pride (LGBTQIA)
  • SOMOS (Hispanic/Latino)
  • Veterans Engagement Taskforce
  • Women

Culture of inclusion and respect

We expect and foster a culture of fairness, respect, and equal treatment of our associates, customers, and those in our communities. We have policies in place that provide structure and reporting mechanisms to ensure inclusion and an environment free of harassment, bullying and retaliation. Our associates represent UMB, and our role with our customers and within our communities includes promoting inclusion.

We maintain a workplace culture that allows individuals to thrive and be treated with dignity. We hold ourselves to high standards, and expect our associates to care for one another, our vendors to respect fundamental human rights, and our business partners to operate within the law, free of discrimination and abuse.

Looking ahead, always striving for more

There’s no magic way to ensure an inclusive environment; it’s something we work toward, learn from, and improve upon every day. We have taken many steps to maintain an open dialogue about inclusion at UMB, challenging each other to truly get to know the people we work with on a deeper level. We know this work is ongoing and ever-evolving, and we’re committed to evolving with it.

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